10.3 ) Trip to Paris. The most beautiful covered passages of Paris, Galerie Vivienne

Publié le 22 mai 2023 à 23:11

Motivated by all the glowing reviews that I have read and heard,         

Today May 17, 2023, I am resigned to come and visit the place as soon as possible! So I progress fairly quickly along the rue des Petits Champs, on my way I pass in front of the Cobert gallery it seems to me that it is not open to the public, I continue straight.

And there I see the name of the Galerie Vivienne which is framed by magnificent ironwork, and I immediately enter the premises. 

It's one of the most beautiful covered passages in Paris, from floor to ceiling, everything is really splendid.

Stop for a moment at the Café le Valentin, taste a pastry, and with a little imagination relive the festivities of an ancient banquet:

"Here is Lady Fortune, imprinted with gravity, she carries a cornucopia  and raises with great dignity a cup of wine; and Mercury on her winged sandals who brings a missive, 'May it be an auspicious'   added Lady Fortune. looking at the sky.

You must surely think internally that I am doing a little too much! Well not necessarily. Indeed, that I was not there! But speaking in a certain way, while having  a good posture,   allows you to create an atmosphere in a play. Although we have no sound trace of their oratorical jousting performed previously, there nevertheless remains the aesthetics of  certain ancient statues. Centuries and centuries have passed, even today, if we listen to a play, and the tone is monotonous (without fuss, without bragging), we fall asleep, we snore, to add  poetry, I add "in the arms of morphée"...

It's a bit of all that, traveling, dreaming while tasting your coffee, in a museum setting...

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