10. 1. ) Trip to Paris. The most beautiful covered passages of Paris, Passage du Grand Cerf

Publié le 18 mai 2023 à 15:52

At the bend of a street, I finally find le Passage du Grand  Cerf,           I discover the charming shop Lil Weasel

There are shimmering balls of wool beautifully aligned, and everything you need to make your own creations.

All this, combined with the atmosphere of the place, it is an enchanting journey into past centuries !

Will I see characters of  yesteryear dressed in frock coats, or great ladies dressed in satin ?

It's really conducive to artistic inspiration. . .

I go straight, head for " the Rickshow shop" , then turn left, I should rather say port...

I'm like the captain of a pirate chip, which is in the holds of the boat, and     I contemplate the many kerosene lamps on the display, and all objets of curiosities of another time 

 These objects, which are becoming rare, are the delight of interior designers.

The seller tells me, that all the objects have been checked and repaired, the kerosene lamps are also electric.

Today in our society, many old objects have been replaced, by others that are much more functional.

But beyond their pratical aspect is added the charm of the old

which is irreplaceable. . .

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